New Mexico Association for Infant Mental Health

The mission of the New Mexico Association for Infant Mental Health (NMAIMH) is to promote and support healthy development and nurturing relationships for all infants and toddlers in New Mexico. The NMAIMH was incorporated in 2004 to provide a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration by advocating for the application of infant mental health principles in services for infants, toddlers, and their parents/primary caregivers. NMAIMH works to implement the Strategic Plan for Infant Mental Health in New Mexico (2003). One important aspect of the Strategic Plan is to strengthen and value a competent infant and family workforce. The NMAIMH Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health® supports the mission, supports infant/family service professionals, and most importantly, supports infants and their families.

Infant Mental Health is an interdisciplinary field of research, practice and public policy-making concerned with maximizing the well-being of infants and their caregivers. The field of infant mental health promotes optimal development and wellness of the child and family through promotion, early identification, preventive intervention, treatment and support.

Endorsement by the New Mexico Association for Infant Mental Health verifies that an applicant has attained a level of education as specified, participated in specialized in-service trainings, engaged in professional work related to infants/toddlers and their primary caregivers, participated in the required reflective supervision/consultation experiences, and acquired knowledge to promote the delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive, relationship-focused services to infants, toddlers, parents, other caregivers, and families.  The NMAIMH Endorsement offers individuals in the infant and family field a professional development plan that focuses on knowledge, best practice skills, and supervised work experiences that lead to increased confidence and credibility within the infant and family field. New Mexico’s children and families deserve nothing less!

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